Single: Gold Rush For Tha Data Minerz
Release Date: Monday, Nov. 1st
About Sick Electric:
Sick Electric are a little-known post-punk trio from Providence, RI. Their uncompromising mix of post-hardcore and prog rock won them a small fan base of musical misfits, but overall was cricitally slammed. After touring underground venues up and down the east coast and self-releasing two full length albums, (Haywire and Death by Electrocution) they disbanded in late 2007.
They reformed in 2020, releasing a terrifying audio/video tribute to DEVO's 1982 classic Peek-A-Boo.
Amidst the pandemic, they officiated their unceremonious return with 2021's Tiny Invasions EP, pushing their noisy, jagged punk into more accessible territory, mixing a gritty production with catchy hooks on tracks like Detergent, Shoebox Terrarium, and Young & Dumb (and Chewing Gum). They also released a spastic animated music video for the EP's first single, Desktop Sunset a 43-second bombast lamenting the perils of tech addiction.
About Gold Rush For Tha Crypto Minerz:
This new single is a standalone instrumental track balancing fuzzy reverb-soaked guitars, with a full latin horn section and a breakbeat bridge. It's simple song structure allows it to flow smoothly, while it's odd time signature adds a level of disorientation, simultaneously erasing any semblance of traditional salsa rhythms.
The song is a mish-mash of styles that grew out of its drum groove. Paying homage to latin music, classic surf rock, as well as spaghetti western movie scores. (3 styles that meld quite nicely) It conceptualizes a modern day gold-rush, but with doge-coin in a digital realm. It’s over-the-top and cheeky approach befitting of a band named Sick Electric.

LIYL: Refused, Tera Melos, Man or Astro-Man?
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