for immediate release: 11/20/2020


Providence post-punk band SICK ELECTRIC releases
new video to support cover of Devo’s “Peek-A-Boo”

Sick Electric has been around for a minute, like T1 lines - obscure, underground, and mostly unseen. They return to the arena with their industrial-influenced take on the Devo classic Peek-A-Boo, leading up to the release of the EP “Tiny Invasions”(Jan. 2021), the first new recordings from the band in a decade- recorded, mixed and engineered by bassist Tyler Brito. Sick Electric’s video for Peek-A-Boo was directed and animated by the band’s guitarist/vocalist, Jimmy Poirier. It pays homage to the original Devo song and video, and touches heavily on the themes of “Tiny Invasions”- the pervasive intrusion of social media and the influence it has on our lives. 
Reflecting on the Devo cover and video, Poirier states, “It felt very timely. Forty years after its release, Peek-A-Boo takes on a new relevance entirely. Being quarantined during the pandemic, we all relied so heavily on tech for socialization and work. It caused me to re-assess my relationship with technology personally and consider how I want that relationship to evolve. So it was only fitting that we recorded the track remotely, as opposed to the EP which was written and recorded together as a band in a studio. We took a break from mixing the new EP to make a song purely for fun, and it was so exciting to reimagine a song like Peek-A-Boo. We’ve always been fans of Devo. They pushed boundaries and really forged a sound that was completely their own. Their lyrical content is as humorous as it is thought-provoking; they manage to balance social commentary and humor in a way that is rarely possible, and they do so while still being fun to listen to. Choosing a track like Peek-A-Boo also seemed quite appropriate considering the permanence of data on the web. Everything that is put out there stays out there, hovering in that space eternally. Every sentence logged can be re-examined in the context of the present, and older concepts can be given entirely new meaning.”

* * *

Sick Electric’s “Tiny Invasions”, the EP of new original material will be released on all streaming platforms in early 2021.


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